Sh Hatim was one of the greatest teachers I have ever had and the impact his lessons had on me was truly special. As a teacher, he was deeply passionate about his subjects and fully dedicated to sharing his knowledge and ensuring that we understood fully what we were learning. This passion made his lessons truly riveting and transformed topics I once saw as dry and uninteresting into topics I actually enjoyed learning. But not only was he passionate, he could also teach exceptionally well. He was always gentle, never harsh, and yet was able to impress upon us the value of the knowledge we were gaining, and encourage us to take full advantage of it. He actively encouraged student participation and listened attentively to our opinions, making us as students feel heard and understood.  

What impacted me perhaps the most from my studies with Sh Hatim and was his love for the Prophet ﷺ which was so evident in everything he taught. It seeped into all our lessons, and to witness that deep love made me yearn to one day love the Prophet ﷺ as he did. 

The few years I had Sh Hatim as a teacher were some of my most memorable years and the value I gained from his lessons was a gift that continues to benefit me even today, Alhamdulillah.”

Halimah Batchelder, Former Student

Shaykh Hatim was one of my favorite teachers and the lessons I learned in his classes I still use to this day. As a teacher, he was incredibly passionate about all the subjects he taught, and was fully dedicated to sharing it, while ensuring that we fully understood what we were taught. This passion of his made our classes captivating, interesting and engaging. His enthusiasm when teaching is what transformed subjects that I found hard and boring, into subjects that I would be eager to learn more about every new day. He encouraged student engagement, always making sure to listen carefully and attentively to our opinions, making all us students feel heard, understood and valued.

As for his lessons, what impacted me the most was the deep love he had for the Prophet ﷺ, which was evident with every word he spoke. All his lessons would be coated with his love for the Prophet ﷺ, and such classes would turn into Seerah lessons that we all immensely benefited from. He taught us just like the Prophet ﷺ would teach the Sahaba, he was never harsh, but always gentle, patient and kind. To witness this deep love that he had for the Prophet ﷺ made me want to love the Prophet ﷺ just as he did and more.

Even though we only had Shaykh Hatim as a teacher for a couple of years, his classes became the most memorable, the lessons we all gained are the most reflected on, and his evident love from the Prophet ﷺ is what continuously pushes me to learn more about him ﷺ, and strive to live like him ﷺ. To me, he embodied the Prophetic character, and this has had a lasting impact on my life.

Haleemah Shaikh , Former Student