Admissions Process

  1. Complete online application and pay application fee ($75)
  2. School Records – Standardized test scores and final report cards from the previous year
  3. Teacher Recommendation – An online referral request will be automatically sent to the chosen teacher upon application submission.
  4. Student Shadow Day Center Visit – This visit is pivotal in our application process, offering applicants a firsthand experience of our school and allowing us to familiarize ourselves with each other. The visit encompasses class observation and assessments in Quran, Arabic, reading, writing, and math. The shadow visit will be scheduled upon receipt of the online application.
  5. Parent Visit with Admissions Director – Parents can use this opportunity to inquire about our school and programs. Typically, these visits are scheduled on the applicant’s shadow day during drop-off or pickup.
  6. For homeschooled applicants – Please submit a list of last year’s and current academic classes along with SOL scores submitted to the state as proof of progress.
  7. We encourage all interested families to attend an Open House session as part of the admission process. Please refer to upcoming events for more information about these sessions.